The Best Pinterest Robot to Date

Are you looking for a Pinterest Robot to automatically post and generate affiliate money?  I just discovered this program called PinFriender.  One Pinterest spammer has put together his collection of automated Pinterest robots and offering his software out.  With his software he has generated over 120,000 followers and makes over $1000 a day and rising.  This is for real and this concept is easy. All you do is pick the products to pin and pin them with affiliate links and this generates you money. Are you already on Pinterest?  If you ever tested out Pinterest you know that stuff you pin gets repinned pretty easily by other users.  Just think about doing that, 100 fold or even 1000 fold automatically! Also this pinbot can repin your pin making it more popular and showing up to even more users!  Get it now while it’s still available! Click here to get it!

Why this works on Pinterest

Are you still here?  Well, allow me to explain why this works so well.  First off, Pinterest is the hottest social website out right now.  Their user base is growing at an unprecedented rate and they reached over 100 million visitors quicker than any other website in the HISTORY of websites! Faster than Facebook and Google!  Since everything on Pinterest is basically an image, link, and caption it is perfect for promoting products! It is very social and a pin is able to go viral with the click of a few users.  I think I read something on the internet if 14 people like something and it gets to 14 of their friends and etc it can go viral.  Another thing about pinterest is that it is still a very young company.  They are having exponential growth and they don’t have the resources and methods to filter out what everyone is doing.

Generating Money

Do you know what affiliate marketing is?  For those that don’t, it is the referring of a potential buyer to another company and collecting a commission if there is a sale.  For example, if I send users to Amazon with a special URL and they buy ANYTHING, I make anywhere from 4-8% of the sale as commission.  So if I pin a product on pinterest with the link to amazon I can collect money on anything people buy if they click on my “pin”.  You do not even need to build a website.  Just pick cool and interesting products and let the pinterest robot do the rest!

Why you should get your pinterest robot today

I have been a professional web developer for over 6 years and I have built many websites.  I have encountered a lot of ways people make money online.  I’ve played around with placing ads, selling services, SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click), affiliate programs.  I have also witnessed the incredible speed at which the internet evolves.  One thing is certain and that is things are constantly changing and what may work now may not work in 2-3 years.  But when things are hot you can make a lot of money, FAST.  Just don’t blow all of your money when it comes in.  You can be at an advantage if you get started earlier, because Pinterest may tweak their services, the work you do now can be useful for the future.  Also, in business I discovered it is generally best to just put up some money for products and services you need.  Sure you can try to do thing yourself, but you will never reach the end if you give up out of lack of motivation.  Time and speed play a crucial role in business.  Your time is valuable and products and services are sold and bought by million of people for a reason.  I have learned this somewhat the long way and now that I make a decent about of money this is even more true.

Try out the PinFriender software today and get it on!


Pinterest Bot Round-Up

The Pinterest Bots are hot now. I’m constantly reading news of pinterest driving more traffic than the big boy social media platforms like twitter. As a result the Pinterest Robot developers are selling out of the software and limiting people from purchasing them.

Here’s a list of the top Pinterest Bot Software:

Is Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Legal?

The short answer for if placing affiliate marketing links in Pinterest is legal is NO. Is it ethical? That’s up for debate. You can however place a link in pinterest to your website which has an affiliate link.

I’m not a lawyer, but i’m pretty sure it is against Pinterest’s terms to place affiliate links in there by the fact that they are taking the time to remove those. But, what is what Pinterest doing even legal? From what I remember, you aren’t allowed to stake someone’s content and post it on your site without an agreement INCLUDING images. Isn’t this EXACTLY what Pinterest is doing everyday by taking other people’s images and using them on their own site for monetary gain? They are directly taking images from other sites and reproducing them on their site. There is a little leeway where you are allowed to turn an image into a thumbnail and use that, but the internet laws are really pretty muddled.

Unspoken Internet Law
In short I believe the one internet law should be:


It happens with even the biggest of companies. I remember back in 2005 Google came out with their revolutionary map panning ability. Prior to this we had to click stupid arrows to reload the page and pan the map. Within 2 years ALL map websites had this ability.

I don’t want to advocate anything illegal, but Pinterest is making money off their user clicks as well. Affiliate marketer on Pinterest aren’t forcing anyone to follow them or buy their products, they are simply working within the system to advertise their products in the most advantageous ways. And Pinterest happens to be the perfect platform for doing so.

What is Pinterest and Why Should I Care?

Pinterest is the newest social phenomenon to hit the internet and it already boasts millions of addicts. It is a social networking and publishing website based on photos and other media. Pinterest has experienced incredible growth in a short amount of time. In fact, it’s the fastest website in the history of the internet to reach 10 million unique visitors per month. Development of the website began in 2009. From 2010 to 2011 it was in a closed beta mode with few users but since then has been in invitation only open beta mode.

The interface is clean and simple to use and it’s easy to learn how to use the site. Users create pinboards representing a collection of images with a certain theme. You can upload videos, pictures or links to interesting websites to your collection. These items are known as pins and you can sort and manage your pins from within your account.

To create an account on Pinterest, you must either receive an invitation from a user who already has an account or request an invitation directly from Pinterest. Once you have created your account, you can log in using your Facebook or Twitter account. You can browse other members’ pinboards or visit an area of the website where Pinterest will give you pinboard recommendations based on items you have pinned to your various boards.

In the United States, about 68% of Pinterest users are women. Many use the site to pin and organize pictures for fashion or decorating ideas, wedding planning or home design. Others use it to pin work related images for marketing purposes. Still others use the site to share cute pictures of their children with their friends.

The website is “images only”, which may explain why many women like it. With the simplified interface and no text, it’s easy to collect images from around the web that you like. For example, if I am thinking about where to go on vacation this summer, I might create a pinboard named “vacation”. I can then browse the web and when I come across a place or idea that I might like to visit for vacation, I can pin it to my vacation board. Later, I don’t have to remember which site I was visiting. I can just go into my account and view the images and click through to the correct website.

The website has become so popular because its applications are limited only by the user’s imagination, and there is virtually no learning curve. You just create your pinboard and start pinning. There’s nothing to install on your computer. It’s just easy to use. Educators are pinning reading suggestions. Interior decorators are pinning samples. Cooks are pinning recipes. Website designers and photographers can create pinboards that serve as portfolios of their work.

Pinterest currently has an iPhone app and an iPad app is in development. An Android compatible app will also most likely be developed. This is certainly one social networking site that will continue to grow in popularity as time goes on, and chances are you have at least one friend who is already a member.

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